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What sparkles brightest with ecoGlimmer?

Fine Arts



Fine arts & Crafts

  • Highlight areas on paintings, drawings, photographs

  • Brilliant picture frames

  • Stunning greeting cards & wrapping papers

  • Memorable keepsakes, holiday ornaments, and gifts

Performance Arts Costumes, Makeup and Hair

  • Theater Performances 

  • Stage Makeup 

  • Extreme Cheer 

  • Dance Recital 

  • Ballroom Dancing 

  • Competitive Baton Twirling

  • This is just the beginning!

Parties, Festivals, Raves, and Milestones

  • Sparkle up your face for prom, weddings, birthday parties 

  • Add sheen to hair, add streaks or highlight roots

  • Spritz a bit of glitter to shoulders & chest for a spectacular glow

  • Glitter your body any unique color or design

  • Synchronize looks and outfits with matching glitter


  • Sparkle up your character makeup

  • Enhance your wigs with lively colors

  • Bring any costume to life and add amazing effects

  • Add flare to weapons and accessories 

Drag & Theatre

  • Brighten makeup and add some unique sparkle

  • Give your outfits mind-blowing creativity

  • Accentuate your newest look with passionate colors

  • Make your wigs shimmer with new life

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