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what is ecoGlimmer?

EcoGlimmer is a new type of glitter made from cellulose, a renewable, natural fiber from the eucalyptus and other plants. Its environmental impact is minimal, because once it enters a natural environment such as a field or waste water, microbes will consume the biodegradable content, turning it into carbon dioxide, water and biomass. Very little inert material is left behind. This is different from traditional glitters and most cosmetic glitters, which are 100% micro-plastics and therefore take a very long time to break down. EcoGlimmer is vegan, contains no harmful chemicals, and contains ingredients either approved for cosmetic use on skin & hair, or already broadly used in cosmetics or food.

For more information about ingredients, please see our FAQ page.


Use with your favorite  moisturizer, aloe vera, hair gel or un-petroleum jelly for face & body glittering!  Put gel in your hair and spray a bit of our SpritzGlitz ecoGlimmer for an amazing sparkle, or use our special glitter brush for streaks. Our ecoGlimmer is especially soft on the skin and washes off easily with water. 

Our ecoGlimmer works with traditional adhesives and glue pens for paper arts, fine art and design projects. Add a touch of sparkle to greeting cards to transform them from flat to fabulous, or work a bit of glitter directly into a drawing or painting. You won't notice a difference, but the Earth will.​





Play with your glitter! Our ecoGlimmer is available in many custom color blends and sizes, from the finest powders to mega-chunky, in refillable jars or compostable bio-bags to refill your own containers. Try our fabulous "SpritzGlitz" non-aerosol, dry-pump bottles when you need a subtle (or-not-so-subtle!) overall glow. Our "Glimmer-to-Go" stackable mix-n-match minis are perfect to fill with your favorite colors and conveniently carry to music festivals or raves. Have fun with ecoGlimmer! Experiment with gels, lotions or un-petroleum jelly, to see which application method you like best for the effect you want.

We've made it our mission to spread the word about eco-friendly bio-glitter. 

We hope you will enjoy making this a better, more colorful planet for everyone.​

So get your glitter on...and sparkle without guilt!​

​                                                                         glitter responsibly

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