Frequently Asked Questions

What is ecoGlimmer?

EcoGlimmer is beautifully-colored, finely-cut pieces of cellulose, which are made from a variety of sustainably-grown, GMO-free plants with minimal environmental impact!  It is vegan, with no animal testing, and ingredients and colorants are safe for use on your body & your hair. It contains ingredients that have been proven to satisfy a variety of cosmetics regulations or are already broadly and safely used in cosmetics or food. Once ecoGlimmer enters the natural environment such as an outside field or waste water, microbes will consume the biodegradable content turning it into carbon dioxide, water and biomass, leaving a minute amount of inert material behind. While currently no glitter is 100% biodegradable, ecoGlimmer is 92% biodegradable (with the exception of stars, which are approximately 85%) and committed to being an earth-friendly choice. The speed of biodegradability depends upon local environmental factors, such as heat, moisture and concentration of microbes. We do not use PLA in any products.

Ingredients: cellulose or microcrystalline cellulose, glycerin, aqua, acrylates crosspolymer, aluminum and FDA-safe colorants.  Stars include: zea mays (corn starch), polyvinyl acetate, aqua, acrylates crosspolymer, aluminum. For more information on ingredients, please email us at

Are there different kinds of ecoGlimmer?

To make your shopping  easier, we've organized all our products into these five Collections:

Face&Body Collection includes stunning solid colors and exclusive, proprietary blends designed for painting face, body & hair at festivals, raves, parties and other events.


Signature Blend Collection includes custom designed mixes to make you stand out in a crowd. Don't blend in! We are having such fun making new blends every day!

Solid Colors are unblended, available in a rainbow of colors and sizes, and perfect to use alone or in your own custom mix.

GlitzSpritz Sprays are amazing! They're a revolutionary new way to get an even, all-over dusting of our fine glitters using a non-aerosol spray. Perfect for prom night, weddings, special events and anytime you need a bit of sparkle. Our pump spray bottles are refillable with any of our extra-fine glitters.

Crafts includes a line of eco-friendly, biodegradable colors that can be used just like traditional glitters. Available in rich solids in extra-fine and fine sizes, perfect for adding a touch of sparkle to your work.

Can I buy a variety of different quantities or containers?

Yes! We have a wide variety of refillable & reusable containers, including 3 & 5 gram recyclable glass jars with recyclable aluminum lids and compostable bio-bags. Minis are perfect for trying a new color, and crafters love the large, wide-mouth jars for larger projects. Jars hold a specific volume of product, and are filled to the appropriate level to prevent spillage when opened. Different types of glitter have different flake sizes, volumes, and weights. We sell by weight. We do ask you to refill your empty jars and when finished, reuse or share with friends. Please email us with any special requests or questions on packaging.

Are custom colors available?

Yes! We enjoy designing new colors and would love to work with you or your group to create the perfect palette for you or your event. We will make sure you find just the right color blend to bring the sparkle to your special moments or projects.


Do you want to bring outfits to the next level for your wedding, recital, or cheer team?  Do you have an art project that is begging for something special? We'd love to discuss your ideas.


How do I apply ecoGlimmer?

This is the FUN part!  It is very easy to apply and even easier to remove. 


To apply, simply dab a small amount of un-petroleum jelly, aloe vera or hair gel on skin, spread evenly, then shake, dab or paint glitter over area you want to cover. Most hair gels work for a bit more stickability, though we advise that you do a patch test before your event to make sure products are compatible and to see how your body reacts.  We also find the un-petroleum jelly product by Alba Botanica works well. Always remember to work over a piece of paper or makeup cape so you can return stray glitter to your container.  You don't want to waste a single gorgeous flake!


Enjoy experimenting with different application techniques. There is no right or wrong way to wear glitter! For hair applications we recommend using your favorite hair gel. Shake, dab or spritz it on, or use a brush for streaks. Glitter looks great on roots, too. Tell us about your favorite way to apply and wear your sparkle! We'd love pictures, too! Email us at We want you to look amazing!

Is ecoGlimmer safe for the skin and hair?

Yes, ecoGlimmer is safe to use as directed on the skin and hair, as it is made from plant-based materials, and contains no hazardous materials. Its primary ingredients have been proven to satisfy a variety of cosmetics regulations or are  already broadly used in cosmetics and food. As with any cosmetic, please test our products before your event. You will want to perfect your glittering technique, and ensure compatibility with your un-petroleum jelly/hair or body gels and of course, your body! Please take care to not get it into your eyes or on lips. (Use on lips or around or near the eyes is not recommended, with the exception of our 100% plastic-free, which is safe to use on lips).

What happens if I get some in my eyes?

Though safe for skin and hair, ecoGlimmer should NOT get into your eyes. Please take extra care to avoid getting glitter near eye area or in eyes. Should you accidentally get some in your eyes, rinse affected eye thoroughly with water and use eye drops to remove remaining glitter to avoid irritation.

Can I use ecoGlimmer in other applications?

EcoGlimmer can be used in crafting and soapmaking. EcoGlimmer is not recommended for use in candlemaking and will not be liable for any and all loss, injury or damage, indirect or consequential, from use of our products in candles, or misuse of our product of any kind.  

More technical and ingredient information:

EcoGlimmer is cosmetic biodegradable glitter, intended for use on face, body and hair, and for crafting.


EcoGlimmer is sold as a solid color glitter or a blend of multiple types of glitter, and may contain any or all of the following types of biodegradable glitter:

Regular Biodegradable Glitter (92% biodegradable) Ingredients: Cellulose, Glycerin, Aqua, Acrylates Crosspolymer, Aluminum. Each different color may contain some of the following pigments: Blue 1 Lake, FD&C Yellow No. 5, Pigment Red 57:1, Carbon Black.

100% Plastic-Free Biodegradable Glitter (100% plastic-free and 92% biodegradable) Ingredients: Regenerated Cellulose, Glycerin, Aqua, Urea, Shellac. Each different color may contain some of the following pigments: Mica, Synthetic Fuorphlogopite, Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxide, Ferric Ammonium Ferrocyanide, Tin Oxide.

Silver or Gold Holographic (96% biodegradable) Ingredients: Cellulose, Glycerine, Aqua, Acrylates Crosspolymer, Aluminum. Gold Zodiac Cellulose contains FD&C Yellow No. 5.

Silver Holo Stars  (85% biodegradable) Ingredients: Zea Mays, Polyvinyl Alcohol, Aqua, Acrylates Crosspolymer, Aluminum.


DISCLAIMER: We cannot control how our glitters are used by our clients. Our glitters are designed for face, body, hair and for crafting. Our glitters do not break down in water but will start to breakdown when exposed to micro-organisms in waste water. Use on lips or around or near the eyes is not recommended, with the exception of our 100% plastic-free, which is safe to use on lips. Should you accidentally get some in eyes, rinse eye thoroughly with water and use eye drops to avoid irritation. 

EcoGlimmer is NOT recommended for use in candlemaking.

EcoGlimmer will not be liable for any and all loss, injury or damage, indirect or consequential, from use of our products in candles, or misuse of our product of any kind. 

Made in UK and USA.

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