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The Glitterfairy's

After nearly 20 years of non-stop glittering, I have launched my own

earth-friendly line of biodegradable glitter for use in face, body & hair painting and in fine art & craft projects . I have selected my favorite colors and sizes and have custom blended them into a fabulous new ecoGlimmer collection.

I used chunky glitter as a child in school art projects, but didn't gravitate toward it again until I started making gifts for my children's teachers. Those sparkly gifts turned into a product line of glittery ornaments, home decor and greeting cards. Trunk shows, craft festivals and a few guest spots on national TV (The Martha Stewart Show) resulted in my coronation as "the glitterfairy". I have been glittering full-time ever since.


It has become clear that we have a serious  problem with micro plastics, and how they and so many other plastics are polluting our planet. Fortunately, I have found earth-friendly bio glitter, mostly made from non-toxic biodegradable plant materials with a minimal environmental impact.  I have created beautiful signature ecoGlimmer mixes and use them in many of my products which I wholesale to stores around the country. 

Whether you are glittering up your body for a music festival, painting your face for a cheer competition, or working on a craft project that needs a little sparkle, I hope you will give ecoGlimmer a try.


I love ecoGlimmer and I hope you'll love it, too!​ 


The Glitterfairy

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