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Terms & Conditions

1.  Online Store Terms:

By agreeing to our Terms & Services, you will be representing that you are at least the age of majority in your state and province as mentioned in our Privacy Policy.

You may not purchase or use our product for any activity considered unauthorized, nor may you, in the use of Service, violate any laws in your country, state or province (including, but not limited to, copyright laws) with our product.

Any breach or violation of any Terms listed will result in the immediate termination of your Services.

2.  General Terms:

We, as a company, have the right to refuse anyone, regardless of age, sex, race or religion service at any time, for any reason.

Credit Card information will remain encrypted, as this is your information, not ours to share.

You agree not to reproduce, duplicate, sell or exploit and content as seen on our website without direct permission from

You understand the information found on our site is for general use only. While we try to keep information as up to date and accurate as possible, we make no promises or warranties, directly expressed or implied, about the completeness, accuracy, reliability, or availablility with respect to the website or the information stored upon it for any other purpose. Any reliance on the information is therefore strictly at your own risk.

Important Note: The FDA has not approved use of ecoGlimmer or any bio-glitter for use near or around eyes, so please take care when applying and keep out of eyes.  We are not responsible or liable for misuse of our product.

3.  Accuracy and Completeness of Information:

We will do our best, but are not responsible if any of the information on this site is not accurate, complete or current with the times. The content provided on this website is for general, consumer use only and should not be the sole source of information.  Any reliance of the information shared on this website is at your own risk and should therefore, not be relied upon as a primary source. Please do not rely on this information without consulting with stronger, primary sources in order to make informed, educated decisions.

4. Changes and Modifications to Prices and Services Information:

ecoGlimmer reserves the right to make changes to the prices of any and all products represented on this website.

We reserve the right to modify any and all information presented on any, but not limited to, all pages on ecoGlimmer's website.

We shall not be held responsible for any third-party modifications, price changes or suspensions due to outside providers.

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