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Unicorn Vibez ecoGlimmer

Unicorn Vibez ecoGlimmer

Unicorn Vibez is next level gorgeous!!!!


Cover yourself in the dreamy vibez of the Unicorn!


It is a spectacular blend of aqua, lilac and sterling silver with a scoop of sparkly stars. This blend is amazing in so many ways because it changes colors in different types of light! Super shiny and super spectacular! A studio favorite!


This glitter looks equally stunning when dabbed on lightly as well as in a heavier application. Aloe vera, hair gels and un-petroleum jelly work well to keep in place. There is no right or wrong way to apply glitter! This stuff is guaranteed to make you smile!


It is biodegradable and safe for you with minimal environmental impact.


Product Information:

Vegan Friendly.

Biodegradable & Compostable.

GMO Free

Available in:

  -stackable mini (holds approx. 2 gr.)

  -3 gram refillable/recyclable glass jar with recyclable aluminum lid

  -5 gram refillable/recyclable glass jar with recyclable aluminum lid

  -10 gram bio-bag refill

  -Sample in bio-bag

All weights are approximate.

Ingredients: cellulose, microcrystalline cellulose, zea mays (corn starch), glycerin, aqua, polyvinyl acetate, acrylates crosspolymer, aluminum.

Important Note: EcoGlimmer contains no harmful chemicals, and contains ingredients either approved for cosmetic use on skin & hair, or already broadly and safely used in cosmetics or food. While currently no glitter on the market is 100% biodegradable, EcoGlimmer is committed to being an earth-friendly choice, with primary ingredients sourced from renewable resources such as corn and eucalyptus. The biodegrading speed depends upon local environmental factors such as heat, moisture and concentration of microbes. For more information, please email us at


As with any cosmetic, please patch test our products before your event.  You’ll want to perfect your glittering technique, and ensure compatibility with your un-petroleum jelly/aloe vera/hair gel and, of course, your body!


Take care not to get it into your eyes (use around or near the eyes is not FDA-approved). If you accidentally get in eyes, flush with water and use eye drops to completely remove glitter to avoid irritation.


Note: Colors in photos above may vary slightly from actual product. Glitter is notoriously difficult to photograph and we have done our very best to take the most accurate photos possible.

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