Sterling Silver Dust eco GlimmerCraft

Sterling Silver Dust eco GlimmerCraft

The subtlest twinkle to brighten your work. This fine silver dust will add a dash of shine to your artwork or craft project. Especially good for highlights but will also cover entire areas nicely, as it is opaque.


Sterling Silver Dust ecoglimmerCraft is a solid .008 hex unblended glitter and is 100% biodegradable and safe for you and the environment! Perfect for crafting. Works with traditional adhesives and glue pens.

Learn more about bio-glitter on our What is ecoGlimmer? and FAQ pages.


Extra Fine =.008"hex/0.2mm

Fine =.015"hex/0.4mm

Chunky =.040"hex/1mm

Super Chunky =.062"hex/1.6mm

Mega Chunky =.094"hex /2.5mm


Product Information:

We sell by product weight and all weights are approximate.

Available in:

  -small jar (approx. 8 gms) 

  -medium refillable wide-mouth jar (approx. 10 gm)

  -large refillable wide-mouth jar (approx. 30 gm)

  -10 gram bio-bag refill 

  -30 gram bio-bag refill.

Note: Colors in photos above may vary slightly from actual product. Glitter is notoriously difficult to photograph and we have done our very best to take the most accurate photos possible. 


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    Sterling Silver Dust ecoGlimmerCraft