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SpritzGlitz Spray - Holo Silver Dust

SpritzGlitz Spray - Holo Silver Dust

This is a studio favorite! Give yourself the tiniest dusting of this fabulous holographic silver and your body will twinkle like a star. Add a nice thick layer and you will look just like an Oscar. Only silver. And holographic. It's 'da bomb for Prom! A fantastic effect for date night, weddings, festivals, cheerleading competitions, ballroom name it! Just spritz it on! Works best with moisturizers or un-petroleum jelly or use nothing at all for a subtle dusting.


SpritzGlitz Spray - holo silver ecoGlimmer is biodegradable and safe for you and the environment. Made of cellulose from renewable and sustainably grown eucalptus trees and other plants, it is a new, guilt-free way to get your shine on! Our ecoGlimmer is especially soft on the skin and washes off in water, but please keep it out of your eyes. And when you clean up, you don't have to worry one bit if any washes down the drain! 


It is available in a 10 gram or 20 gram non-aerosol refillable pump spray bottles.

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